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Your brand = Your story.  Our goal is to help you illuminate your product, service or lifestyle in the most visually compelling way.  We believe that story informs almost all creative decisions.  Because of that, clarity of vision and decisiveness is brought to all aspects of our work.

Whether your goal is to capture the millennial perspective, produce a compelling start-up video or you're looking for a new brand direction, Lazzaro Creative will produce high value content at a competitive price. We own all of the latest camera gear and edit in-house.  With a "fast and light" equipment package optimized for documentary style branded content, we can be anywhere your story leads us.

Our video deliverables will include everything you'll need for multi-platform distribution to help build your brand awareness - including color, sound mix and closed captioning - all of the important details you don't want to deal with.


Excellent art direction is the cornerstone of our film and video work.  To create a perfect image, it's 90% about what's in front of the camera.

If you're just getting started with building a brand or buying a house, we can help guide you through the build and design of your home, office or place of business.  We believe brand imaging extends beyond the image into the office space or storefront and provide detailed consulting on construction and design.


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